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Promotion Career Solutions specializes in getting people unstuck — from careers they’ve fallen into, jobs they don’t like, and workplace environments that make them feel less than who they were meant to be.

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“I feel that I am building a solid foundation to create a strong profile that will allow me to explore future opportunities. I could not have done it without you.”
VP Marketing

Executive Career Coaching

Are you ready for your next career challenge?

Whether you want to make a lateral move, break the glass ceiling, or become your own boss, our one-on-one professional career coaching will give you what you need to get there.

Executive Career Coaching

“I’ve accepted an excellent offer that is the perfect job for me at this stage in my career. Working with you was one of the best decisions I have made.”
Account Executive

Career Change

build your confidence

Whether you already know what career you’d rather be doing or if you’re just starting to explore potential career options, we can help!

Career Change

“Having gone through the process of job hunting, I think a small investment in professional advice is absolutely worth it. Your help got me the right attention very quickly and for that I am incredibly grateful!”
Information Technology

Laid Off

make your next job your best one yet!

From career counselling and job search strategies to professional resume writing and interview preparation, we’ll give you the expertise you require to land a job and the confidence you need to excel when you get there.

Laid Off

“Thank you for all your expertise and support! I gained valuable knowledge and most of all confidence with going forward towards getting that job that can be help me establish a career!”
First Year MBA

Solution for Students

Kick start your career

Job search today takes more than a newly earned degree, a great LinkedIn profile and job board persistence.

Solution for Students

“Promotion Career Solutions creates more than just your next resume; they help you create your future.”
Communications Professional

Professional Resume Writing

Create a powerful first impression

Your resume is a billboard to showcase your talent and experiences - make it count! From writing to polishing, we help you at every step of the way so your resume gets you noticed and gets you hired!

Professional Resume Writing

“I started my company to help job seekers not only successfully navigate their job search, but break the cycle of falling into the work that they do and accepting the first job that comes along.”
Maureen McCann, Owner & Career Coach

About Promotion Career Solutions

For nearly 10 years, Promotion Career Solutions has been helping people get unstuck from jobs they don’t like by promoting their natural aptitudes, talents, and experiences to land jobs they truly love.

Our proven process and portfolio of successful clients are why so many job seekers put their faith in us.

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