Post Date: April 16th, 2012

Insider Tips: Federal Government Applications: How to Assess Your Own Skills

Last week I received this question from a client:

What proficiency level should my skills be categorized under in order to match the Federal government standards?

When applying to the Federal government, many candidates apply through where candidates apply online to jobs posted by the Government of Canada.

When applying online to one of these jobs, candidates will often face questions about their skill level, number of years of experience, and frequency of use of that particular ability. Here are a few example of the type of questions a candidate may face when applying to an online job poster. 

When selecting a proficiency level, the higher the level, the more likely you will be selected for an interview. EXPERT is the level to select, provided that you are completely truthful and accurate with your response. You will need to support your answer in the interview and further demonstrate your abilities during any testing that may come up.

Let’s pause for a moment here and put ourselves in the role of the hiring committee. If you were hiring a candidate for a position, would you prefer to hire someone who is, or who is not confident in their skills? Would you hire someone who self identifies as having only “light” knowledge of a skill, or would you hire someone who has “expert” knowledge of the skill? It’s fairly obvious that you would select someone with “expert” knowledge over someone with “light” knowledge, isn’t it?

Whether you are applying to a public or private organization, honesty is always the best policy. You will need to show that you can do the job when you are hired. Empower yourself to complete the application and show them what you can do.

Remember, you want to make a remarkable first impression, so don’t be shy…stand proud in your skill set and let your confidence in your abilities shine through.

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