Post Date: May 1st, 2013

LinkedIn Subscription – yea, or nay?

Linkedin subscriptionHere is a question clients often ask me and one that came in this week from a client:

“Maureen Quick Q: What are your thoughts on purchasing a “job seeker” subscription to LinkedIn? Do you think it’s worth the $31/month?”

The answer is pretty simple.

Exhaust the free option, first.

Provided you learn all the ins and outs of the free version, and you’re willing to put the time in to first learn, then comprehend, then implement the subscription – go for it!

There is a lot more to Linkedin than you see from your home page. Do your homework. Uncover ways to research employers, connect to key contacts, complete and update your profile, offer and receive recommendations, create and join groups and events…the list goes on and on.

Before you spend money to promote your profile, be confident it is the exact first impression you want to leave on prospective employers and new contacts.

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