Post Date: June 21st, 2013

Can you just have a quick look at my resume?

Magnifying glassNo less than three times a week someone will ask me to have a “quick look” at their resume or Linkedin profile.* This week a family member asked me to do just that.

After a quick glance at his resume, I was reminded that he, like so many others missed a few important steps. I jotted down a couple of points, then realized that there was a pattern with the notes I’d written. I was sharing these same strategies over and over with different people. So why not share these notes with you here?

Four things to do before you send your resume to me, a friend, a family member or most importantly a potential employer.

In your opening statement answer this question from the employer’s viewpoint “What is this person going to do for me and my organization?”  Make sure to tell the employer why they should hire you. What’s in it for the employer? What do they get in exchange for the compensation they’ll pay you?

After each bullet point (in your work history section)…answer the “So what?” question. Example:  You were a widget producer for a big company…So what?  If you were the highest grossing widget producer for four years in a row and introduced a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help you double your sales targets then say that.

Make the reader care about why being a widget producer is a big deal and identify how widget production helped the organization achieve its goals.

Demonstrate that your expertise in widget production was important at that organization and will be important to your new organization. Explain why/how.

There are plenty of ways to improve your resume. These are a few simple steps to get you thinking strategically about how you present your message. 

If you need some help deciphering ways to further improve your resume, I’m here to help.  

*Please note: Resume review is not a free service (not even for family). 

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