Post Date: June 28th, 2013

Don’t Wait

Go buttonResume writing is my business. I know it well, understand how the process works, what employers are looking for and what’s going to get you the interview.

You should engage a resume writer like me when you are starting to think about beginning a job search. If you wait until the perfect job has been posted then your competition already has a leg up on you. The clock has started ticking on your application submission before we have even met.

Every week people contact me at the last minute; or too late for me to be able to help with their resume or job search.

Here is a request I received on Wednesday morning:

“Hello Maureen . . . an opportunity has come up and I need to redo my resume . . .  I would like to have my documents updated . . . I need to submit it by Friday of this week, preferably Thursday.”

When I read this it reminded me of something a consultant friend used to tell his clients:

“Fast, good or cheap; pick two,” he’d say. He knew that if you wanted something fast and good then it wouldn’t be cheap; if you wanted something good and cheap it would take time; and if you wanted something fast and cheap then it wouldn’t be good.

Can you get into a hairdresser, a mechanic or a doctor’s appointment easily on short notice? Would you start looking for an accountant two days before your taxes were due?  Wouldn’t you question the ability of a professional that could take you immediately?

Your resume should be treated accordingly as it is perhaps the single most important document you possess to help you reach your career goals. It is not something you want to put together 20 minutes before a submission deadline.

While it’s possible for me to accommodate clients on short notice, it’s not ideal for the reasons noted above. There is saying that goes: “Failure to plan on your part does not an emergency on my part make.” I can do everything within my abilities to accommodate requests but the tenets above still apply.

When the right opportunity appears, you want to be ready to move. You want to be prepared to put your “best foot forward” when your dream job shows up on the radar.  The point I hope you take from this post is this: Today, when you have time – think about planning for your next job. Getting ready now will make you that much better prepared for the right opportunity when it presents itself.

  • BE PREPARED for when the perfect job appears. Have your resume ready to offer at a moment’s notice.
  • Have an AMAZING RESUME WRITER in your list of contacts and follow their blog.  Don’t throw away your money by hiring the wrong person for the job.
  • Conduct DUE DILIGENCE on the professional who will be coaching you and/or writing your resume.
  • Give yourself time to collect your thoughts and your stories.

I encourage you to start to think about your resume, job search and/or your career development strategy. Now…GO!

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