Post Date: November 30th, 2017

Big ole audacious goals

Seriously, what was I thinking?

Excited, but scared to death, did I really just pay someone money to teach me to run up the side of a mountain? Who does that?

In my professional life, I regularly ask C-level executives to trust me; to step outside their comfort zones as I guide them through, what may seem at the time, a very scary endeavour – a career change.

One of the things I love about my work is that I recognize that change is scary, difficult but so amazing and rewarding. To relate better to my clients, each year I challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and scare the heck out of myself with what I call ‘big ole audacious goals’.

Years ago it was things like:

… start a business (with two infants at home)

… hit ‘send’ on an award submission

… learn to sail

… move our young family and live abroad.

… visit as many new countries as we could

… return to Canada, but on the coast

… write a research paper and get it published

… run 1,000 km

The idea is to come up with “big ole audacious goals” to challenge yourself WAY beyond what you think (at the time) you can accomplish.

What I know for sure.

Without big ole audacious goals. I would not have…

… celebrated my 11th year in business

… won national and international awards for resume writing

… become a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Tidal Skipper

… visited 24 countries our first year abroad

… experienced beautiful, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

… been a published author in a peer-reviewed research journal

… run three half marathons this year and 1,000+ km in 10 months

This Saturday, instead of staying under the covers and sleeping in, I’ll be ‘off-road’ running up a small mountain for my next big ole audacious goal of learning to trail run in BC.

So what?

What are your big ole audacious goals? You know you have them. What are the things you’ve been meaning to put on your list of things to do, but life has kept you too busy to write them down (let alone pursue them?) I challenge you to have a look at your pile of ‘big ole audacious goals’ and commit to conquering one of them before year’s end.

You have a month.

What can you do to ensure 2017 ends with a huge win and you set the tone for 2018?

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