Post Date: May 15th, 2018

Why your ‘fine’ resume just won’t cut it.

This really happened.

The phone rang this morning. A new prospect was calling to ask about resume writing services.

“I’ve been applying for a while, but I’m not getting any callbacks or interviews. I think my resume is fine but is applicant tracking software (ATS) impeding me from getting my resume read by a human? How can I beat the ATS system?…I’ve learned that you have to match word for word from the job poster to the resume, so what’s the value of hiring a resume writer?”

It’s a fair question. There are online services like jobscan that will help you optimize your resume with keywords, so why hire a resume writer?

What’s the value of working with a certified resume writer?

I’ve studied resumes and hiring practices for 15 years.  While you’re at work doing what you do, I’m learning the latest trends in hiring, career development and resume writing.

I help my clients see past blind spots. For example, before this call, you didn’t realize that you should tailor every resume to the specific job opening using the job poster. You were sending the same generic resume to different companies and expecting a different result each time. My job is to help you avoid making costly missteps like that one.

Here are the tips you’ve learned during our 10-minute call this morning.

I know from experience that your resume is ‘fine’, but ‘fine’ won’t get you what you’re after.

  • Fine may get you through the ATS.
  • Fine may get you into the ‘maybe’ pile of resumes.
  • Fine will not make it to the shortlist of candidates.
  • Only ‘Excellent’ makes it to the shortlist.

And that’s why your ‘fine’ resume is not getting you invited to the interview.

So when you asked me to take a quick look at your resume I will tell you its fine. I’ll go on to explain you need a resume that will make you stand out as the best candidate. And you’ll agree, it’s time to trash your fine resume.

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