Post Date: July 10th, 2018

Is your first impression in a job search kinda …meh?

Do you ever look at a job poster and think to yourself…

“I can do that”

If so, that’s not a job for you.

[I know, right?! You weren’t expecting me to say that]

You want to look at a job poster and think to yourself…

“That’s it! That’s the one. I’m going to drop everything I’m doing right now and go after that job!”

What’s the difference?

You CAN do the first job, but meh…

You WANT to do the second job.

Or as I like to think of the second job…

“I am so motivated to get that job that I am going to commit myself 100% to write my resume, plan my job search, reach out to the employer and do what I need to do to get that job!”

People often get stuck in their job search because they settle for what the think they can do instead of applying the extra effort to go after what they want to do.

The takeaway is this: enthusiasm shows.

It shows in how you present yourself, in your resume, in cold calls and in interviews. It shows in how well you have done your research, in how you develop your value proposition, and how you go into an interview with a bunch of ideas about how you could add value to the organization.

Employers aren’t looking for a mediocre commitment and that’s what you show them when you’re not 100% fully committed to the job you’re targeting.

Templated, cookie-cutter resumes are meh, so is going to an interview unprepared to answer basic questions about the company. Meh comes across in “to whom it may concern”, non-targetted cover letters. Typos are meh. Quite honestly, meh gets your documents “held on file”, and nobody wants to be “held on file”.


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