Post Date: September 27th, 2016

Unfollow. Unsubscribe. It’s time to clean up your feed!

A few years ago my family packed up our house in Ottawa and moved to Belgium. Fast forward a few years and here we are – back in Canada! Now that we’re here, it’s time to update my social media profiles. But I am updating far more than my profile pages. Just as important, I’m updating the quantity and […]

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Post Date: April 9th, 2015

More job opportunities predicted for 2015:  Do you know how to snag one?

Competing in today’s labour market requires more than a resume and cover letter – it involves in-depth research and solid understanding of the company and the people who will hire you. “63% of recruiters will have higher hiring volumes in 2015.” Linkedin’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report With more opportunities comes more competition. As a […]

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Post Date: May 1st, 2013

LinkedIn Subscription – yea, or nay?

Here is a question clients often ask me and one that came in this week from a client: “Maureen Quick Q: What are your thoughts on purchasing a “job seeker” subscription to LinkedIn? Do you think it’s worth the $31/month?” The answer is pretty simple. Exhaust the free option, first. Provided you learn all the ins […]

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Post Date: June 22nd, 2012

You want me to write something….about you?!

Last week I wrote about the topic of asking and receiving linkedin recommendations. So what happens when you’re the recipient of a request? If you’re like me, it’s not that you don’t want to write a recommendation, rather – that it is a time consuming exercise.  Finding the right words can be tough – even for […]

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