“ The Best investment you can make is in yourself ”

Warren Buffett

Success Stories: Career Change

Meet JT

JT had just sold his business and was targeting a $100-125k VP Sales/Client Relationship Management position. He struggled to find the words to articulate his accomplishments. He came to Promotion Career Solutions for help creating a resume that would reach the right employers. A few weeks after working with us, he forwarded this note:

“Very happy to advise I have secured employment with a Professional Services Firm. Thank you so much for your efficient, friendly and professional, service. It is exactly what I was looking for. It would not have happened without your services.”

In less than 3 weeks, JT had reached his goal and had landed a job as the Area Vice President of the Professional Services Firm.

Success Stories: Laid Off

Meet Mark

Mark had recently been laid off from the automotive sector and found himself as an expert in an industry with dwindling opportunities. For the first time, he faced having to look for work in an industry outside of his own. Promotion Career Solutions worked with Mark to feature his experience, education, and quantifiable results and avoid (where possible) identifying his experience in the automotive sector. By articulating his general management skills that had produced impressive results for previous employers, Mark landed 4 job offers within five weeks of his job search.

“Yes things are going very well! I received job offers from outside the county and one from an industry leading company. I expect two more within a week. All due to your resume. Seems once I am in the door I can take it from there.”

Success Stories: Head Start

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda was concerned about her son Jack and approached Promotion Career Solutions by email. She was unsure about whether an executive career coach could help her 18 year old son:

“I’m wondering if you are able to offer any assistance from the perspective of a student looking to decide on the best path for studies and future employment opportunities. ”

Jack was a successful senior in high school and was struggling to find the right program and the right university. A very active student, he was overwhelmed by the plethora of choices for colleges and university programs.

Promotion Career Solutions developed a plan to get Jack engaged in researching and identifying possible directions for his future. Over time, Jack completed a career assessment that explored his personal values, examined influential people from his life, and considered and researched industries and jobs he might enjoy. He then interviewed schools, administration and students of the program(s) where he was most interested.

Jack’s research empowered him with a greater understanding of the programs available to consider and the career choices he could pursue. In Jack’s words:

“I like that I have a system in place, I have ideas, I know how to take future steps and I can modify these steps for other things if necessary”

Success Stories: Next Challenge

Meet Donna

Donna had done amazing things professionally, but she was part of a massive layoff from a position where she had shone brightly. After working with Promotion Career Solutions, she quickly regained her gentle warrior spirit.

“You truly helped me see who I was, what I had accomplished and what I was capable of doing. In addition, you gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted.”

Taking a leap of faith, Donna moved from Ottawa to Alberta armed with the newfound career skills she had picked up from our career coaching sessions. She soon landed a job at an oil and gas company, leading and implementing Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

“I am so excited to be moving to Alberta and to be working with this group of people. The compensation was better than I had hoped for — well over 6 figures — a great bonus, four weeks’ vacation, pension and all domestic relocation expenses covered. This is my DREAM JOB! Thank you again for all of your coaching!”

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