Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You! for the well delivered, informative and inspiring talk you gave to our group last night - myself included.  It was a real pleasure working with you and connecting with you on a personal and professional level.  Looking forward to having you back.  I can guarantee you will get our referral.

Owner and Marketing Professional
Maureen is a dynamic, energetic and motivational individual.  No matter what you are seeking from a career perspective there is always some way that she can push you forward with more clarity and confidence.

Registered Massage Therapist
Health and Wellness
Maureen creates more than just your next resume; she helps you create your future. A true professional, dedicated, smart, and strategic. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone willing to push themselves to truly achieve their dreams.

Communications Professional
Government of Canada
Maureen is without question a talented professional. From our very first meeting my expectations were exceeded. She is a focused expert, whose creativity and passion shines through the products that she produces. I would unequivocally recommend her to any professional or executive wishing to gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Senior Editor
Maureen sets a new standard in career counselling! Her enthusiasm and belief in me as a client was infectious, empowering me in the pursuit of my career goals. I'm in admiration of her ability to create synergetic relationships and seek out the best in her clients. In addition to her vast breadth of knowledge, she's wonderfully inventive and warm (a welcome addition to career counselling). Need proof? I got the job!

Child & Youth Worker
Community Services
Thank you for all your expertise and support! I gained valuable knowledge and most of all confidence with going forward towards getting that job that can be help me establish a career! You have excellent communication and people skills (and would make a great therapist too!!) I will keep you up to date on my job search..already have a few that I am in process of applying to..and they are exactly in the field that I want! Words cannot express the level of gratitude and appreciation for what you were able to provide me with Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!

Communications Manager
Your advice has really been a tremendous help... I can't say enough good things. I'm excited about the new gig,

Executive Director
Business Development
Just wanted to let you know, I just got a job that I really, really wanted and I have no doubt what got me in the door was the fantastic resume you did for me. Thanks again

Sales Professional
I had been failing to advance past a first interview on numerous occasions. In October, I had subsequent job interviews, one of which resulted in an employment offer and acceptance. This was surely in part due to keeping in mind what you taught : be positive, employ your best win-win stories, stay on topic, and play to your strengths. After your appraisals and guidance, I was in a much better position to present myself as a very strong candidate and attain the offer....a very sincere thank you for your counselling.

IT professional
Tourism & Recreation
I felt that I was really well prepared this time.  I started off with 5 things that I wanted them to know about me and I saw a lot of head nodding! I wasn't as nervous as I usually am. At the end I even asked them what the ideal candidate for the job needed to have! They said they've never been asked that before! The person they described sounded a lot like me...  So, all in all, I think it went really well. I'm glad I met with you ... that was one of the smartest things I've done in awhile!

Communications Manager
Government of Canada